culvert sizing

Culvert Sizing

Whether you are looking to install a new culvert or replace an existing one, we at Shade Group are here to help. From initial design right through to the final construction, we have the experienced staff and equipment to install your culvert right the first time.

Consultation with Approval Agencies

Depending on the location of your culvert the installation may require consultation with outside agencies. A new driveway will typically require an entrance permit from the local municipality, while placing a culvert in an existing watercourse in your backyard may only require a permit from the local conservation authority. We at Shade Group have experienced staff who can guide you through these requirements and consult with the appropriate agencies on your behalf. We recommend always consulting with the local conservation authority on any construction works involving culverts - new or replacements. While the intermittent stream on your property may not look to be significant, the conservation authority may feel otherwise, and construction of a culvert without a permit can result in costly fines. Similarly, a roadside ditch may be regulated as a watercourse - which automatically triggers the requirement for a permit from the conservation authority.

Determining a Pipe Size 

Once the initial consultation has been completed, we will know whether the approval agency is willing to specify the size of the pipe, or if they require that it be sized by an appropriate professional. Determining the size requirements for a pipe is generally completed by a professionally licensed engineer. Shade Group has in-house staff experienced with local agencies and their design requirements, and can prepare such a sizing report if this has been requested. This report would typically support a permit application, particularly on defined and continuous flowing ditches and watercourses.


Once the appropriate approvals have been obtained, construction can begin. Our staff has installed numerous culverts and are well versed in the standards and construction practices required to install a long lasting product. Our staff can offer recommendations during the design stage as to available products - i.e. metal pipes versus plastic pipes - and guide you on the best choice for your project. Our focus is on offering you the most cost effective, long term solution. We know of the importance of appropriately compacting the granulars and soils under the culvert to minimize the risk of settlement or buckling of the pipe. If not installed properly, culverts that settle will cause cracks and potholes in the laneway overtop, which can become particularly problematic in the winter. At Shade Group, we pride ourselves on taking the time to provide quality, long lasting works that will last for years to come.

Why Choose Shade Group for Culvert Sizing and Installation Needs?

When you choose Shade Group for your project you are partnering with a local business that has been serving the Ottawa area for many years. You can count on your project being completed on time, within your budget and with a level of workmanship and attention to detail you won’t find with other excavation contractors.

Our professional services strive to maintain an open line of communication throughout the design process, while our construction staff maintain a safe working environment and protect your property from any damage while using our machines. The end result is to meet all of your professional services, excavation and landscaping goals while leaving minimal trace of our presence. Our business has continued to grow through word-of-mouth from our many happy customers who refer us to friends and family. It’s through our continued commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that we are able to continue doing what we do best!

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