Garden Bed Design & Plant Selection

We design and build beautiful garden beds.

Garden Bed Design Services

Are you looking for a great way to make your property stand out for all of the right reasons? Beautifully designed and maintained garden beds are a great start! Everyone can appreciate a beautiful garden, but there are many homeowners and property owners that don’t know how to actually create them or where to start! Creating beautiful gardens can takes years of experience not only in plant identification, but also how to plant what plants where, and what plants they are compatible with or compliment, and don't forget how to properly care for the gardens too!

Alan's Landscaping and Heather's Gardens (Shade Group) is a family owned and operated landscape design and construction company based out of Ottawa.  We specialize in custom gardens and garden bed designs.  Heather is our in-house landscape design specialist, and Alan is the construction brawn that can build Heather's designs into the real life version!

Whether you want colourful seasonal gardens around your property for maximum attention, or something that is simple and low maintenance, like a xeriscape, we’ll be able to help you design and build an amazing garden on your property.

Garden Bed Plant Selection and Design Services

How Our Garden Design Process Works

The Consultation:

Our design consults are an in-person site visit, where we view the existing conditions of your site (lighting, soils, moisture, other constraints/opportunities, etc.), take measurements of the area where gardens are to be installed, and discuss your likes and dislikes with regards to plants, use of space, colours, etc. We then use this information to prepare the design. 

The Design:

Our basic garden designs offer location and listing of recommended plantings. We provide a digital copy of the design in 2D (top down view), and 3D views, so you can visualize what your gardens will look like.

We also offer Recommendation Summary Documents, which are not a full design, but are a document that provides suggestions and recommendations for what you can change in your gardens through maintenance ideas (e.g., how to prune that overgrown shrub) or plantings (a list of plants that would do well in your space). The recommendations are based on the discussion had during the consult, and are tailored to your needs, and what you wish to achieve in your gardens. 

Why Choose Alan and Heather for Your Design Services?

When you choose Shade Group for your design services you are partnering with a small, locally owned, family run landscaping business. With Alan specializing in construction and Heather specializing in landscape design they are the perfect team to help you transform your property into the envy of your neighbourhood.

The Shade Group team is large enough to handle your design services of all sizes but we’re still small enough to give your new landscape the specific care and attention it needs to make the big impact on your curb appeal that we’ve promised.

Our business has continued to grow through word-of-mouth from our many happy customers who refer us to friends and family. It’s through our continued commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that we are able to continue doing what we do best!

We believe in providing great service, superb communication and value with every project we complete!

If you’d like an estimate for your project please fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you. We strive to respond within 24-48 hours - so if you haven't heard from us - check your junk mail filter!