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Grading Plans

If you’re looking to take on any land improvement project or new build; whether it’s a new shop or garage, or an addition to your house, chances are that you will need a building permit. One common requirement to get a building permit is the Grading Plan. This plan is typically prepared by professional, licensed, engineer.

Step #1. Collect Field Data & Determine Existing Conditions

There are certain pieces of information we're going to need to prepare a proper Grading Plan that will work for your development site.  We will first require topographic data. Typically this data needs to be current to within the past 1-3 years.  It cannot have been collected prior to any changes on your property. Changes may include anything from landscaping to new additions, sheds, garages, etc. Typically, we would recommend getting a new topographic survey for each new development project.

If you don’t have a topographic survey, we will complete a topographic survey as part of our scope of work. To complete this survey, we will come out to your property and collect elevations of the land and any major features (i.e. driveways, buildings, well heads, retaining walls, etc.). We then process this information back at our office and use it to develop a base plan.

Please contact us to discuss the specific needs of your project and we will guide you through. 

Step #2 Preparing The Grading Plan

After the base plan has been prepared, we will work with you to develop a final grading plan that shows the proposed development; or compile our base plan data with an existing site plan.  The final step is including all of the relevant construction details and design elevations on the Grading Plan. These construction details focus primarily on ensuring that the proposed development does not negatively impact either the existing property or the surrounding properties from a grading and drainage perspective.  If your property is located within a new subdivision, this may include reviewing the municipality’s approved plans for the subdivision as a whole, to ensure that the proposed project and the grading proposed, does not conflict with the previous approved plan. In subdivisions particularly, cohesion of the properties is important to ensure that the properties work together.

As-Builts for Grading Plans

The municipality may also ask for a post-construction or “as-built” plan. This is prepared after the completion of all construction which demonstrates what has actually been built. Similar to a building inspection, where an official comes to check on the project and ensure that what was built matches the plans, an as-built plan can be used to demonstrate that the grades and features proposed have been built as originally approved.

Similar to the preparation of a new plan, an as-built plan will require a field visit to collect topographic data. Alternatively, we can prepare a plan based on information supplied by your contractor. This data would then be compiled with the original approved Grading Plan, and shown as markups on a plan; highlighting any minor or major changes that occurred during construction. Finally, this plan would be submitted to the municipality for their approval and final sign off on your project.

If you have been asked to provide a Grading Plan or an As-Built Plan for your project,  please give us a call (343) 262-4769 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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